Golden Jubilee Year Brings Out The Best

Blackpool Airport has recently been the destination of several of our most loved World War 2 aircraft, perhaps the most iconic being the Lancaster bomber. There are only two Lancaster bombers in the world that are airworthy, one in Canada, the other part of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight based at RAQF Coningsby near Lincoln.


Welsh 7 aside Football Captain Swops Boots for Flying Gear

Chepstow based Julian Saunders, football ace and Captain of the senior Welsh 7 aside footie team took time out to try his hand at flying our Spitfire simulator low level through the lakes.


NHS Hero Takes to The Skies
 in Blackpool’s Spitfire Simulator

Wilmslow based Dr Barry Lewis an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist who qualified as a pilot over 50 years ago, took time out to try his hand at the controls of our life-sized Mk V Spitfire simulator.


ME 262 Swallow Flight Simulator Shapes up

Since the launch of the project in February 2020, more has been done to control panel. However, the pandemic has put the breaks on things as several components come from overseas.

Open For Business as Fast and Furious Stunt Double Driver Takes to Skies

Raven Cockpits being open for business celebrated in real style with celebrity stunt driver Michelle Westby testing her flying skills on our life sized Spitfire simulator.

Making The Visit During Covid19 Times Not only Safe 
But Definitely Worthwhile

Yes we have done all we can to make our Spitfire simulator experience Covid 19 safe, but there is so much more to see. 

Lock Down Creates An Opportunity

Hangar 42 may be shut and UK Plc locked down and for some of us quarantined for 3 months, being more susceptible to complications from infection … not all is doom and gloom, life has not stopped…

Visitors From Gurnsey Left In Awe

Amy and Paul from Guernsey made a special trip to stop by at Hangar 42 to experience Raven Cockpit’s life sized Spitfire simulator. Yes they had a great time but were also good company and fun to be with. The smiles say it all…

When the Grownups are away the toys will play

A light hearted moment telling a different toy story where Action man, “Biggles” wants a piece of simulator action. Our friendly but adventurous “Biggles” couldn’t wait to clamber over Spitfire AHH, whilst no one was watching…


Taking A Break Before Looking For Ghosts

Hangar 42 and Blackpool Airport, not only houses a great collection of life sized WW2 fighters, but also hosted the Sky series, “Most Haunted” .


A new Star Project Born – The ME 262 (Swallow)

Raven Cockpits based out of Hangar 42, Blackpool Airport have now taken possession of the shell of what will be built into a WW ME-262, a German jet fighter.


Making A Birthday
To Remember!

Louise from Manchester, having heard so many stories from husband Andrew, did some surfing to find something she thought would fit the bill.


Subtle Updates Bringing Greater Realism - What Lies Beneath

So far it has taken seven years constant work, almost on a daily basis, to create the simulator to reach its current position. Realistic and working it certainly is.

Southport Air Show –
Up Close and Personal​

Southport Air Show on 1st September felt more special this year as Andrew got up close and personal with three iconic WW2 fliers as they transited via Blackpool airport. 

Radio Ham Tunes in to New Skills​

Birmingham based Martin Springwood, an RAF veteran, and his father John, a spritely eighty years old radio ham, changed his radio mic for WW2 fighter pilots flying gear.

Flying the Lakes in a Vietnam Helicopter

Taking time out of a busy schedule and the demands of keeping the Spitfire simulator fully prepped, Andrew had a great session in the left hand seat of Lancashire based, Vietnam era US Army UH-6 Cayuse (Loach).

Skill Accounts For Everything

John Mabey a Reigate based Chartered Account put his abacus down in exchange for the flight controls and what a time he had.

Visit To RAF Cosford

Cold, windy and wet it may be, but the RAF Cosford must rank second best military aviation destination in UK. Boasting an active airfield and full of history with stacks to see.

WW2 Burma Campaign RAF Veteran 
Gives Simulator Thumbs-up

RAF ground crew prepare a Spitfire top take-off during Burma campaign.

A Great Day Out and Lots To See

Blackpool Airport’s hangar 42 is a must go to destination for all military aviation enthusiasts.

Checking Out Systems
… Ready to Go!

Adrian at the controls as he checks out the full array of instruments in the Spitfire’s cockpit.

Latest Development – Making the Merlin Engine Exhausts

On the work bench, Merlin engine exhaust stacks taking shape.

Creating a 24/7 Simulator Flying Environment

Using projectors in daylight does not give a great visual experience, or at least, that is what we think.

What, Not a Box?

Conrad experienced the hair raising delights of low level flying in the mountains of the lake District and even flew over the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

Rhodesian Veteran Tries New Skills

Craig wanted appreciation of what his father did in WW2 on Lancaster’s 44 Rhodesia Squadron RAF.

Graphics As Good As The Eurofighter

Bloody hell, it’s amazing. It’s very realistic, I could feel the engine vibration in my chest.

Attention to Detail Is Key to Experience

Few simulators have pushed the bounds of incorporating a full range of authentic working controls.

All Spitfired Out

A Spitfire Simulator, yes, but so much more. As recent fledgling “pilots” commented: after an hour’s flight they were “all Spitfired out”.

Family Share In Spitfire Simulator Experience

Matt and wife, Cassey Nicholls, and their two children, made a marathon journey from Uckfield (near Eastbourne) to experience Raven Cockpit’s life sized Mk V Spitfire. After an exhilarating session with Matt flying low and the family watching on, level all left tired but delighted with the experience.

So Much Better Than I Expected

Billed as a surprise, turned out to be so much more for …… A flight simulator experience with a real difference. The first comment on seeing the Spitfire was, “Blimey, its huge and full size, I was expecting a box to sit in”. On completion of an hours flight said, “It was brilliant, so much more than I expected”.