Graphics As Good As The Eurofighter

Paul and Andrew new visitors to Raven Cockpits were stunned by the quality of realism. Both work for a well known aviation company that makes and sells fast pointy things and commented:
Bloody hell, it's amazing. It’s very realistic, I could feel the engine vibration in my chest. I'm trembling after that flight, exhilarating.

Like the real deal.

When asked how did it compare to work, said, “Graphics much better than I thought they’d be. As good as the Eurofighter simulator graphics.”

Like the real deal, the Spitfire is a thorough bread where pilots past have been heard to comment you don’t climb into the Spitfire, you strap it on.

On this occasion, Paul said, “Not much room in the cockpit once all the flying clothing is on.”

All in all a terrific day was had by all.