Creating a 24/7 Simulator Flying Environment

Using projectors in daylight does not give a great visual experience, or at least, that is what we think. The solution: put up blinds. Problem, we are in a hangar and the ceiling is over 60 feet above us. Hum !! Solution … ask someone to loan a cherry-picker.

That is what we have done. In doing so we now have a facility that can be used during the day when there is bright sunshine and we will still have the right settings to get a great visual result on the cinema-sized screen from the three HD projectors.


Sixty foot up, looking down from the cheery-picker noting the gantry with the three HD projectors.


Spitfire in its glory in front of the cinema-sized screen.


Black shroud now in place …. Big isn’t it ??

Now that you've seen it, book your flight today for your chance to jump inside a full sized Spitfire and take it to the virtual skies!