A new Star Project Born – The ME 262 (Swallow)

Raven Cockpits based out of Hangar 42, Blackpool Airport have now taken possession of the shell of what will be built into a WW ME-262, a German jet fighter.

Inspired by his time on the flight line, project brainchild,  Andrew acquired a redundant fast jet cockpit section, moved it to Blackpool Airport with the intent to transform it into a realistically kitted out WW2 jet fighter. The initial cockpit instruments being made from scratch by Chris Sanders.

Andrew will recreate this unique WW2 jet fighter, known in German as the “ME 262 Swallow”.

En route, front section to be converted to an ME 262. The future Swallow front section now sitting in Hangar 42.

The beginnings of constructing the instrument control panel, made by RAF veteran, Chris Sanders who also holds a pilot’s licence and has great eye for detail.
New Project4
New Project5
New Project6
New Project7

Only another 1000 hours to go on this sub project !