An unforgettable gift

Give the gift of the experience of flying one of the most historically significant planes ever produced.

For small and big kids

For Aviation Enthusiasts​

For the man or woman whos hard to choose a gift for

For people who love flying machines and Spitfires​

Found. A unique gift for those who love planes, history and adventure

Looking for a unique gift for someone who is impossible to buy for because they have everything they need or want? Give them something unexpected, the experience of flying the legendary Supermarine Spitfire.

The truely Iconic, Supersubmarine Spitfire

Few planes in history have been as successful or as iconic as the Spitfire, give someone you care about the gift of a simulated flight in the full-sized replica with original cockpit and controls.

All the controls are original and mapped through to the simulator for absolute authenticity

Choose your mission:


Flight for your life and see how you would perform if everything is on the line. Experince first hand what it means when there can only be one victor.

Take off or Landing

Take the spitfire to the skies and then, bring it safely home again. Check your throttle, adjust your angle of attack. Are you coming in too fast?

Custom Missions

Stealth missions, Reconisonse missions, or challenge yourself to “thread the needle” on the Eifel tower. Choose the role play that suits you.

Scenic Flight

Put the Spitfire though its paces rolling and looping through above the beautifull scenery anywhere in the world. We would call it a lesurely flight, but Spitfires dont do leasurely.

A gift never to be forgotten

This plane is so Iconic that big kids and small kids alike recognise on site. With few left operational the most convenient and economical way to experience flight in this engineering masterpiece is a this the only full-size Spitfire Simulator in the UK. Custom built to give you an immersive and authentic experience.

Spitfire MkV vs Bf 109 F-4

Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk Vb

What’s a great present for people who are hard to choose gifts for? A simulated flight in a Spitfire.

A truely unique gift

The full sized replica Spitfire Simulator

For a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present or corporate/company present, a ride in a full size Spitfire simulator will be unexpected an welcomed gift because of its uniqueness not just in the gift-giving sense but in that it offers a genuinely unique opportunity to experience the flight of a Spitfire economically with the added bonus that the pilot can really go to town and put the machine through its paces while remaining safely on the ground.

The gift for those who are hard to buy for is here. Fly the Supermarine Spitfire!

NOTE: Please consider travel cost when buying a Spitfire Simulation flight as a gift. The Simulator is located in [location]

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