Golden Jubilee Year Brings Out The Best

Blackpool Airport has recently been the destination of several of our most loved World War 2 aircraft, perhaps the most iconic being the Lancaster bomber.

There are only two Lancaster bombers in the world that are airworthy, one in Canada, the other part of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight based at RAQF Coningsby near Lincoln.

One of the great delights of working airside in Hangar 2 with its strong link to World War 2 aviation is that pilots like to visit, and on many occasions park their aircraft in the hangar overnight.

This year alone, we have see the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster. On occasions we have been invited up these iconic aircraft.

Being an employee of a well known aviation company, Andrew was invited not only to walk to the Lancaster but permitted to climb inside.

Andrew commented,
I am currently building a life sized mockup of the radio station of a Lancaster bomber which is currently in Hangar 2. This unique opportunity has given me some great ideas of what to include in my mockup. That said it has been a great privilege to have been allowed inside the Lancaster, a dream come true.