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Fly a replica Spitfire MKV

In this full size replica Spitfire MKV you're not a passenger, you're the PILOT!

Strap yourself in for the experience of a lifetime.

You're the pilot, so you get to choose. An exhilarating flight over the Swiss Alps? A big city or countryside approach? Or an authentic period dogfight to see if you would have made the grade? Your perspectives will change once you've been in this full-size replica/simulator of the legendary Spitfire MKV.

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How the simulator works:

You'll climb into the cockpit of a full size custom built replica of a Spitfire MKV with original instruments and interior. The aircraft is mounted in front of a panoramic projection screen to give you a full sense of immersion in the simulator.


Choose your mission:


Fight for your life and see how you would perform if everything is on the line. Experince first hand what it means when there can only be one victor.

Take off or Landing

Take the spitfire to the skies and then, bring it safely home again. Check your throttle, adjust your angle of attack. Are you coming in too fast?

Custom Missions

Stealth missions, reconnaissance missions, or challenge yourself to “thread the needle” on the Eiffel tower. Choose the roleplay that suits you.

Scenic Flight

Put the Spitfire though its paces rolling and looping through above the beautiful scenery anywhere in the world. We would call it a leisurely flight, but Spitfires don’t do leisurely.

The perfect excursion

An Alternative Gift

Can't think of what to buy someone? They won't be expecting to receive the gift of a flight in a Spitfire immersive simulator. It's a fantastic and surprising, alternative gift.

The Enthusiast's Dream

Plane lovers, history enthusiasts, in fact all machine and aviation enthusiasts from kids to pilots will love their time behind the joystick of an authentic spitfire experience.

A Company Reward

A different kind of company performance prize, ideal for the motor vehicle and aviation industry. A gift for the top performer, or the whole team, everyone loves the Spitfire.

The iconic and legendary Spitfire MKV

The Supermarine Spitfire is an all British designed single-seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and other Allied countries before, during and after World War II.

The Spitfire is the masterpiece of R J Mitchell. It was so adaptable it became one of the most successfull fighter planes in history and was developed through to the Mark 24.

Where to find us:

Our facility located at Blackpool Airport is relatively easy to get to:

Hangar location at Airport is easily accessible by:-

Air – taxi and park up outside hangar. (Fuel available, airport closes at 9pm).

Rail – Squires Gate station (5 mins walk to hangar)

Car – Follow signs to airport when you reach the end of M55 motorway. When at traffic lights just before airport turn in, follow sign for spitfire visitor centre.

Bus – National Express number 68 from Preston. Blackpool Transport No 11. Both stop opposite the airport.

"Loyal, Brave and True … Supporting our Armed Forces"

The Spitfire Simulator and Andrew Harper are proud supporters of our military personnel, veterans and cadets, seen here at Blackpool Armed Forces Week (image credit).

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